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Dated: 10/02/2014

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One of the things that I have learned that I need to work on is asking more questions.  This is important with everyone but especially with clients.  I have recently signed up with a Real Estate coach to help me grow my business and asking more questions is a repeating theme during our coaching sessions.  Putting this into practice is difficult for me because I tend to want to fill up silence by talking.  Now, that I am aware of this tendency I can start to break that habit.

Why is asking questions so important?  Well, with sellers asking the right questions can tell you if they are motivated to sell and are willing to listen to your advice on pricing, staging, etc.  Many agents, my former self included, are afraid to hear the answers to these questions because we may not like what we hear and then lose the listing.  Also, asking questions allows me to do a better job for my sellers.  It is about what their goals are, not mine.  The only way I know what their goals are is to ask.
With buyers asking questions is even more important.  I can't tell you how many times I have shown buyers a home that matches exactly what they said they wanted only to have them end up buying something completely different than what they originally talked about.  Usually this is because I did not get down to the root of why they were purchasing a home or what kind of life they were planning on having.  The answer to these questions is much more important than just finding out how many bedrooms and bathrooms a buyer needs.
Bottom line is asking questions helps me serve my clients better.
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