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Dated: 02/11/2015

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I've noticed something that annoys me lately.  Maybe I am not the only one bothered by it.  It has to do with voice mail greetings.  I have called several Realtors in the past few weeks that have a voice message that ends with, "I will call you back at my earliest convenience".  Shouldn't it be as soon as possible?  What if their earliest convenience is a week from now?  I think this bothers me because as Realtors we are supposed to be focused on providing excellent service to our clients and to each other.  A voice message like that implies that other things are more important that excellent service.  It implies that maybe your problem or request for information will be put on the bottom of a pile somewhere and gotten around to at some mysterious time in the future.  

So, is it just me or is anyone else slightly annoyed when they hear a voice mail greeting like that?

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