Please Leave The Lights On

Dated: 01/26/2015

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Sellers need to remember that even though their home is vacant the utilities still need to be connected until the sale closes.  

Here is why the utilities need to be on in a vacant home:

1. Showings- If the home is on the market, utilities are very important.  The buyer needs to be able to see the home in order to buy the home.  Some rooms may not have enough natural light for the buyers to be able to see clearly.  Sometimes showings happen in the evening hours when it is nearly dark and lighting is even more important.  AC maintains the interior comfort for home buyers. If it's too hot and the buyer can't see the house well they may walk out.

2. Security- Some homeowners install a timer on a light fixture or lamp to automatically turn on and off at certain hours at night to make the home appear occupied.  Leaving a porch light on can also help discourage break-ins.  

3. Appraisal-If the buyer is financing the home they will need an appraisal. The appraiser will perform certain tests that can only be performed if the utilities are working. If the utilities are not connected the appraisal will not be completed until the utilities are turned back on. This will delay closing.

4. Inspection-Buyers are encouraged to get a professional home inspection.  The inspector cannot cannot check plugs, appliances nor test water pressure without utilities.

5. Final Walk Through - Many purchase contracts provide for a final walk through. This means the buyer verifies the home is in the same condition as it was when the buyer first viewed it. If the utilities have been turned off, the buyer cannot obtain this verification.

Sometimes the utilities are turned off in homes that are bank-owned or vacant short-sale properties.  The buyer has the right to insist they be turned on during inspections.  Remember, both sides benefit when the buyer does due diligence and closes the deal.

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